Thursday, March 26, 2009

Sea World Day During Spring Break

Spencer and Kent really love the animals at Sea World so we took Anna there for a day while we were at Disney World. Anna loved the animals too! Here are some shots of her "viewing" the animals with Baba.

This photo is in front of the "Tree of Life" at Animal Kingdom in Disney World. Very meaningful this year.

Anna playing in a park at Disney World's Magic Kingdom.

Spring Break Trip to Disney World

Sping Break at Disney World was so much fun. And honestly easier with the three kids than I ever dreamed it would be. It was fun showing Anna Disney for the first time ever. She enjoyed it but wasn't wild about the characters (she would start crying if they started coming toward us). So I had to grab a shot of her with Winnie the Pooh while she didn't know he was behind her :-) Whatever it takes, right? The week was marvelous. Now Russ and I need a vacation from our vacation!!

Hanging out with Granny at Disney World

Part of the reason the visit to Disney world with three kids (8 yrs old and younger) was so easy is because Granny Reba came down during the week to stay with us! It is always so wonderful to have her with us. She is incredible with the kids and they love her so very much. She hung out with Anna while she napped each day and that allowed Russ and I time to go do the more "advanced" rides / shows with Spencer and Kent. Lord knows I love my mom! She is a role model for me and I hope I am able to help my kids with their children the same way she is helping me.

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Anna's First Portrait

Here is Anna's first portrait. Forgive me for saying it, but I think it is so precious. She's adorable! This week at Day School, Anna moves from the "Tots" Class to the "Early Preschool Class". Of course, we are thrilled with the progress that she is making and are so proud of her. Yesterday, Ms. Tershana (her new teacher who also taught Kent) told me that the other kids were trying to pick Anna up and carry her around -- they were thinking she is a baby (because she is so small compared to them). Ms. Tershana had to explain that they cannot pick Anna up and carry her around!! :-)