Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Anna's School Portrait - October 2009

Anna's school picture at Warwick Day Care Center in October 2009. In the past year, she has definitely gotten the hang of smiling for the camera (can't imagine why)!

Monday, November 2, 2009

"Gotcha Day" - Our One Year Anniversary

For our 1 year anniversary of Anna coming into our family - Nov 1, 2009 - we went to the Statue of Liberty. We thought that was a fitting reminder of the freedom that we have being born as Americans and for Anna now that she is an American. It was a tremendous to see the kids' reaction to that big ole' Lady Liberty!

The boys on the ferry to the Statue of Liberty Island.

Waiting on the pier for the ferry.

We had to make it a "complete American" experience by allowing the kids to have McDonalds on the way to the Statue of Liberty!

Statue of Liberty on "Gotcha" or "Family" Day Anniversary

For our one year anniversary of "Gotcha Day" we went to the Statue of Liberty in NY. Great experience. I love showing the kids new places and giving them first hand experience of how big (and yet how small) the world really is.

Trick or Treat - 2009

Well, here's our little "Tink". Anna is so small that being Tinkerbelle for Halloween was very fitting. She was really cute in her little outfit. And she did very well -- especially considering she went Trick or Treating with 5 BOYS!!

Here's the crew dressed and ready to go Trick or Treating! We had fun with some new friends, Margaret and Thomas, and their 3 boys.